Świetliki Dachowe Łukowe Połaciowe do Płyt Warstwowych. Klapy dymowe i Pasma Świetlne


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The DWD is made up of several production engineering enterprises which specialise in the production and supply of innovative and technically advanced products and services in the areas of drainage, infrastructure and construction. Our products are manufactured in two plants situated in Poland. The highest quality of materials and technology is used in our products.


Our main areas of business activity are:

– bridge construction,
– sanitary drainage systems,
– storm water drainage,
– industrial/commercial buildings (production halls, logistics centers, public utility buildings),
– customized manufacturing services (listed below) within the scope of the products and services we offer.

DWD products and services:

– products manufactured from resin-glass composites (GRP),
– polymer concrete products,
– heat sealing of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP),
– rubber and elastomer products,
– metal products and accessories – steel, aluminium, stainless steel,
– construction industry and infrastructure – assembly service,
– technical assistance for our clients.

Our clients can, of course, choose from many different models of cooperation with the DWD. If you value comfort and a comprehensive solution, we encourage you to entrust us the whole project from design through manufacturing, delivery and final assembly. If you only need a product, we will supply it together with our expertise regarding installation and assembly.

The DWD is made up of the following partnerships: 

– DWD System LLC,
– DWD Service LLC,
– DWD BauTech LLC,
– DWD System LLC – Slovakia.

Roof accessories and flashings

Our Clients: