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Smoke vents


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Smoke vents are one of the most important elements of the firefighting system. They are used to discharge noxious fumes and gases that arise during a fire. Also facilitate the effective evacuation and fire fighting, as well as help minimize the damages.Under normal operating conditions, smoke vents may also act as the function of ventilating or function of the roof hatchway. Depending on the type and purpose of the object, the corresponding number of flaps of the defined active area. These parameters are determined by specific provisions.


We offer:
• spot smoke vents – Smoke Vent
• smoke vents built into rooflights – SkyVent +
• complete electrical control system and pneumatic.


Drive type of Smoke vents is selected depending on its dimensions and the type and purpose of the object. In public buildings and stairways shall be mostly freestanding flaps with electric drive and control system. In warehouses or production halls and other large object, SkyVent+use pneumatic system of thermal release valve calibrated to a certain temperature or use gas springs with thermal fuse. Drivetrain of smoke vent is run through emergency control boxes or automatically after triggering of thermal release valve.

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