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DWD Sky Light – roof skylights


Świetliki połaciowe DWD Sky Light

A roof Skylight is a unique solution, which uses the combination of high quality of mechanical, aesthetic and thermal properties.
The combination of resin-glass composite, which fits to the shape of roofing together with polycarbonate, is a perfect solution for warm roof lighting for sandwich panels.

The resin-glass composite applied in roof skylights is made of two resinous layers, where the external layer is based on gel coat resistant to atmospheric conditions and particularly to UV radiation.

Świetliki połaciowe DWD Sky Light








Świetliki połaciowe DWD Sky Light

The application of roof Skylight is an effective solution providing daylight to the interior of a building. Already at roofing in the area of 7 and 15% a roof Skylight can replace electric lighting. Cavity design of lighting limits excessive temperature rise caused by solar radiation, as well as minimises accumulated heat loss in the building.
Skylights can be used in industrial facilities covered with so-called sloping roofs which are with inclination angle above 10% made of warm roofing of roof sandwich panels.

A roof skylight can be assembled as spot lighting or roof light covering from roof ridge to eaves, in the middle of roof surface, next to roof ridge, from the middle of roof surface to eaves.





The characteristics of a roof Skylight:

he characteristics of a roof Skyligh

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