Świetliki Dachowe Łukowe Połaciowe do Płyt Warstwowych. Klapy dymowe i Pasma Świetlne

DWD Sky Light Plus – arcade skylights


DWD BauTech SP. z o. o. offers a skylights with used in the halls of different purposes (storage, exhibition, industrial), shopping malls, sports halls and for smaller object, such as farm buildings, garages, public utilities.

Sky Light PlusThe bearing structure of skylights are aluminum profiles system, whit can painted any color according to RAL palette. Filling plate of polycarbonate for thicknesses from 10 to 20 mm, of defined heat transfer coefficients. We offer light band with a width of up to 6 m, due to the construction of the Panel, length is unlimited.

At the request of the client the skylight can be equipped with additional elements such as: central unit with sensors, weather conditions or electric drive who enabling open the wings (ventilation function). The standard offer support construction of the skylight is a channel section of galvanized steel with thicknesses of 1,5-2,0 mm, which should be elevated above the roof surface to a height Hmin=20÷25cm. Depending on your needs it is possible to paint the base of any color according to RAL and the adaptation of its structures to the existing roofing material.


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