Świetliki Dachowe Łukowe Połaciowe do Płyt Warstwowych. Klapy dymowe i Pasma Świetlne

Gold Rain – siphonic roof drainage system


The siphonic storm water drainage system Gold Rain – offered by DWD BauTech – a company which belongs to the DWD Group – provides efficient and economical disposal of rainfall from large roof surfaces. The system is the result of a joint project created by DWD Bautech and Company Barbara Kaczmarek Sp. J. – a leader in the plastics industry.








The system consists of pipes and fittings made from PVC, roof inlets and suspension elements and fastenings. The Gold Rain system distinguishes itself from its competitors by its simplicity and completeness of technical solution, as well as by a number of other advantages such as:










The DWD Group also offers a siphonic storm water roof drainage system based on a system of pipes and fittings made of PP or PE.

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